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We can't you see us!?

The History at Nicks all started 6 decades ago with a handsome Greek man named Nick. He had a passion for cooking and the charming personality that attracted many. It didn’t take long for Nicks to become a neighborhood icon, and Nick himself became a local legend, serving Xenia, Ohio residents for over 60 years. WOW! Lots of hard work, late nights and great memories are part of this establishment! Where we promise: Scrumptious bar food that is bad for you, but tastes great! And at Nicks, we love humor, so gather as friends, have a drink or two, sit back, relax and order some food! Sing karaoke and make us LOL or eat rog legs for fun or try our award-winning wings! Our bathroom is funny and our smiles are sunny! Check us out! We're just...

A small town joint with BIG NICK burgers!

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1443 N Detroit St | Xenia, OH | 45385

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Wanna call in an order to go? Just give us a ring at (937) 372-3202.